The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is well known for its vibrant culture and warm climate, but it is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Beautiful rainforests will delight you, but you’ll also be shocked to find foggy mountaintops, mysterious tunnels, and quiet beaches. Do one of these breathtaking walks to experience the natural beauty of the island and its surprising diversity.Puerto Rico

Forest National El Yunque

El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System. And is considered by native Tanos to be the throne of the god Ycahu. The forest is a short day’s drive from San Juan, the capital city, and offers year-round tropical weather, spectacular waterfalls, & also an array of flora and fauna. Two well-known paths include the Mount Britton Tower Trail. It goes through the appropriately named cloud forest to the tower’s panoramic views, and the El Yunque Trail. It ascends to the cold, misty peak at a height of more than 1,000 meters.Puerto rico

Forest of Guánica State, Puerto Rico

Guánica State Forest, located on Puerto Rico’s southwest coast. It is one of the largest tropical dry forests in the world, earning it the title of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There are many exotic birds throughout its 12 routes, which include the Meseta Trail. It provides views of the beach and the slightly more difficult trail to Fuerte Caprón. There is a stone fort with a view of the Bay of Guánica at the end of this five-kilometer climb.Puerto Rico

Forest of Guajataca

The 960-hectare Guajataca Forest, despite being one of the island’s lesser forests, offers a number of routes through the lush rainforest in the northwest. Cueva del Viento (Wind Cave), a limestone cave with ragged stalactites and stalagmites, is accessible via one of the more well-traveled trails. A powerful headlamp or spotlight gives the opportunity to see the flora and animals that inhabit the stunning, enigmatic cave.Puerto Rico

Tres Picachos

Tres Picachos, which translates to “Three Peaks” in common parlance, is a community in Puerto Rico’s central mountainous region. This obscure track is ideal for a strenuous day hike. At more than 1,200 meters in elevation, the 360-degree vistas from the top of one of the island’s tallest peaks do not disappoint. To get there, you must negotiate difficult pathways and even rope assistance.

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