I. Information we collect:

Tourintravel may collect, store, use, and transfer various information about you using automated and direct methods.

(A) Identity Data comprises first and last names, usernames, and other identifiers, titles, age and gender.

(B) Contact Data includes delivery, billing, email addresses, and telephone numbers.

(C) Financial Data includes bank account information

(D) Technical Data comprises the internet protocol (IP) address, Login data, and browser details (D) Technical Data includes time zone geolocation, the operating system, platform, as well as other technologies on the devices that allow you to connect Tourintravel website.

(E) Inquiry Data includes the information you provide to Tourintravel when you contact us directly (by any communication method, such as via our site) and also when you attend sales or trade shows or take part in our surveys, drawing contests or competitions. We may keep details about the particular communication, such as the name, the reason you contacted us, and any information you provide.

(F) Profile Data includes your username and password, interests, preferences, feedback, and survey responses. We could also get the information you post or upload to publish, including the name of your address, phone number, email address, photos or gender details.

(G) Usage Data is information about how you access our website and the frequency and patterns of your usage.

(H) Marketing and Communications Data include your preferences for receiving marketing messages from us and third-party companies and your communications preferences.

(I) We collect, process, and share aggregate data like statistics or demographics to serve any purpose. Aggregated data can be derived from personal information. However, it is not considered personal information under the law since the data doesn’t directly or directly identify you. We may also aggregate Usage Data to analyze page or feature usage.

II. Collection

Tourintravel uses different methods to collect information on and concerning you. These include:

(A) Direct You may supply your identification and contact information and financial information about yourself by filling in forms and, in turn, providing business cards. This includes personal information when you participate in an event or sign up for an account, sign up for one of our services (e.g. newsletters, newsletters) or participate in a survey.

(B) Automated – While you browse our site, we can automatically collect technical Data regarding your device or browsing actions and patterns. We collect this information using Cookies (see the section below), server logs, and other similar technologies. We could also collect Technical Data about you if you access other websites using our cookies. This may include:

  1. Information on your use patterns and the information on the content (including advertisements) you browse and interact with. This includes details on the applications and services that you’re using on your device to customize services according to your preferences. This includes information on your experience, including your browser’s software, the pages you browsed and the time you spent on the website.
  2. Logs of server or product logs that contain Technical Data about your use of our website or service, including your IP address and device ID(s) and domain name, settings for your device and application errors, and hardware activities. We could utilize your IP address to determine your location or country of the country of.
  3. Device information, like the device ID(s), as well as details about the location where your device is where it is. For instance, if you are using a geolocation application or service and have consented to share your location.

(C) The information you provide will allow Tourintravel to deliver you the content you love in the language you can comprehend as quickly as possible, thereby improving your experience on the website.

(D) Third Parties We could receive personal information from a range of third parties, such as advertising networks and search information providers, data aggregators, analytics providers and other specialist agencies, as well as social media organizations, including your interactions with these sites and your log-in details.


(A) (A) We will only utilize your information to the extent permitted by law. We can make use of the information we receive from you or that we obtain for the purposes listed below:

  • To sign up as an account holder on our website.
  • We manage the relationship we have with you:
    • Notifying you about changes to the policy
    • Inviting you to take part in surveys
  • Take part in contests and programs or take part in surveying
  • Protect and manage our website and business, including troubleshooting data analysis, troubleshooting, system maintenance and support report and hosting data.
  • We will provide you with relevant content on the web and ads and evaluate the impact of the advertisements we offer you.
  • Analytics can be used to enhance and improve existing products, applications, and services, develop new services suggestions, ads, and other communication, and find out more about users’ preferences.
  • to provide suggestions and suggestions to you on the latest Tourintravel advertising products and content, such as conducting survey responses to understand your tastes better.
  • Prevent Fraud
  • To manage and create the management of customer relations.

(B) We will only use your information in the manner that we collected it for in the first place unless we believe that we need to use it for a different purpose and that reason is in line with the primary reason that we obtained your consent. We may collect your personal information without your knowledge. However, we will do so still in compliance with the laws. The legal basis for Tourintravel’s gathering this information is typical via a combination of consent or contract law to fulfil laws, or it is required to fulfil our legitimate business needs.

IV. Marketing and Communications

(A) We might make use of your Personal, Identity, Contact Information, Usage, Technical and Profile Data to send you service and product announcements, newsletters, as well as other messages about current or new services and products through mail, telephone or in-device messages, and/or text messages.

(B) You will only receive communications from us regarding marketing if you’ve asked us for information; or if we had provided us with your contact details when you participated in a competition or registered for a contest and, in all cases, you’ve opted-in to these marketing.

(C) You can request us or any third party not to send you promotional messages or other communications at any point by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails or by contacting us or any third parties at any time.

V. Cookies as well as Pixel Tags

(A) Our sites utilize technology that is widely used, like cookies, which collect data about our sites and emails. For example, these technologies reveal which users clicked on specific elements on the website or in emails and identify your browser the subsequent time you accessed our sites.

(B) Cookies allow us to tailor your experience to suit your preferences and interests or help you sign into our services. Most browsers will allow let you to erase cookies from your hard drive, block the acceptance of cookies or issue an alert before when the cookie is saved. If you disable or erase cookies, we might not be able to recover your preferences or customize your web experience.

(C) The pixel tags aren’t visible to website users and are comprised of a couple of lines of code. Our advertisements, website and email service providers employ pixels to assess your ability to receive HTML-based emails. This feature lets our service provider send emails in a format you can easily read. The sensor does not gather or store any other data. Pixel tags allow us to track how many people view an email and allow our service provider to collect statistical data on our email marketing campaigns.

VI. Share and third parties

(A) Tourintravel uses the services of third-party companies, including Interactive marketers, research agencies, and research or email services, to help in marketing and promoting the site in accordance with the objectives outlined within the Use section earlier. Third parties are legally prohibited from using personally identifiable information for any purpose other than the one purpose Tourintravel specifies. We do not allow the selling or transfer of Personal Information.

(B) collect generic, anonymous or aggregate information for various purposes, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Since we believe this information cannot identify you, We may provide it to any third party, such as advertisers, partners or industry associations or the media, as well as members of the public at large.

VII. Security

(A) Although we can’t ensure that unauthorized access will never happen, We can assure you that we are diligent in protecting your personal information to prevent access via the use of technology and procedures once your Personal Information reaches Tourintravel and is kept on secure servers which are protected by firewalls that are designed to prevent unauthorized access.

VIII. Retention and deletion

(A) Personal information that is collected for whatever purpose(s) will not be stored for any more than what is required to fulfil the purposes(s). Personal information can be kept for up to twenty-four (24) months unless it is amended. Emails can be kept for 7 years. There are certain situations where it’s impossible to define in advance the length of time your personal information is kept. However, they will be retained only according to the purpose for it was collected.

IX. Access and Your Rights

(A) Your primary rights under the law on data protection are:

  • A right to receive information
  • Access rights;
  • The right to rectify;
  • The right to erase;
  • The right to limit processing;
  • The right to refuse to process;
  • The right to transfer data;
  • The right to make a complaint to an authority that supervises;
  • The option to withdraw consent.

(B) You have the right to determine whether we are processing your personal information and, if you do, have access to the personal information along with some other details. Additional information includes specifics about the purpose behind the data processing, the categories of information involved, and the individuals who receive personal information.

(C) You are entitled to correct any inaccurate personal data we have regarding you. We will also consider the reasons for the processing and the purposes of the processing to have any insufficient data we hold about you completed.

(D) If you are in certain instances, you have the right to request the deletion of your personal information without unreasonable delay. This includes: when your personal data are not required in relation to the purpose for which they were collected or processed; you opt out to consent-based processing; or you oppose the processing in accordance with specific rules of the applicable laws on data protection the processing is conducted to be used for direct marketing purposes and your personal data have been illegally processed. There are exceptions when processing is required to exercise your right to freedom of information and expression, to ensure compliance with a legal obligation, or to establish the exercise, defence, or defence of claims under the law.

(E) In the event it is the lawful basis for the processing of your personal information is:

  1. Consent or
  2. The processing is required to fulfil an agreement to which you’re a party or to perform actions upon an individual’s request before the signing of an agreement, and the processing is done via automation; you are entitled to the right to request your personal information by us in a sensible and widely used machine-readable format. This right doesn’t extend to situations in which it could be detrimental to the rights and liberties of others.

(F) If you believe that the lawful basis of the treatment of your private data constitutes consent, then you are entitled to the right to revoke that consent at any time. The withdrawal does not affect the legality of processing before the withdrawal. We intend not to send email messages you wish to receive. If you provide us with your email address when you sign up for an account, we will send you emails regarding Tourintravel, its programmes and services. Each time you are notified by email, you’ll have the option of opting out of future emails following the instructions inside the mailer. You may also opt out by emailing 

(G) Tourintravel will never send you an email requesting your password or credit card number, social security number or any other private or personal information for identification. When you get an email that appears to be coming from Tourintravel but asks you to provide Personal Information, it is an unauthorized email that you must not respond to or provide any information.

X. Other Sites

Tourintravel is only responsible for the privacy policy and website content. Tourintravel is not responsible for privacy practices or the usage of cookies on sites you’ve accessed this site from or to non-Corporation-owned websites for travel promotion, which you could access through this site.

XI. Making contact with Brand USA about Privacy Issues:

Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding our privacy policy and the privacy practices of Tourintravel are always welcome.