In the western region of the USA the state of Nevada. You can enjoy your Burning Man lifestyle while driving along the dual-lane Burner Byway from Reno to the Black Rock Desert. Travelling through vast expanses of beautiful and sparse desert landscapes and you’ll be feeling only good vibes along the western Nevada roadway. Visit tourist attractions along the way, admire stunning art and explore Old West towns. You will be amazed by the beauty of nature’s creations at places like the huge Pyramid Lake, hot springs in Gerlach and the dry lake bed of the Playa.

Burner Byway

Adopting the Burning Man Philosophy – Burner Byway

The first step is to master the 10 Burning Man project’s fundamentals. It comprise participation, self-reliance, and civic accountability. Learn about what led to Burning Man came to be. Burning Man desert festival became the ideal venue for people to express themselves in a radical manner through performances and art. Whatever season it is possible to recreate the Burning Man experience all yourself. own. Remember to leave no evidence that you were ever there, leaving behind your only the memories and amazing photographs.

Burner Byway

Start Your Adventure in Reno

Art is a vital aspect to The Burning Man way of life (Burner Byway) and Reno is a great location to view large-scale art. Hire a bicycle and look out for vibrant murals that decorate both the Downtown as well as MidTown districts. Visit galleries, hip restaurants, shops and bars. There’s no reason to miss a second of the art on the Reno Riverwalk, where you can listen to live music and drinks at The Eddy shipping container community space. Stay the night in a unique space at Morris Burner Hostel, where you can save 50 percent on the cost if remember Burning Man’s 10 Principles. If a communal setting isn’t for you, Reno offers a variety of traditional lodging options that will satisfy all tastes and budgets.

Burner Byway

Pit Stops at Pyramid Lake and Gerlach

Take the north-facing 2 lane Burner Byway. This is officially referred to as Route 447 Then, make an initial stop in 50.5-hectare Pyramid Lake, a National Wildlife Refuge that is home to a colony white pelicans who make their home here from February through September. Discover why this area is considered sacred to Native Americans by viewing exhibits at the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitors Center. If you’re looking to fish You are able to also purchase a permit from here.

Continue on to Gerlach to get the last chance to purchase things you missed buying in Reno and you’ll find the motel, restaurant and gas station in Bruno’s Country Club. Nearby you can stop at Planet X Pottery to view the handmade pieces, and visit Guru Road to look at other creative artworks in the outdoors.

Burner Byway

Fly Ranch and the Playa at Black Rock Desert

Around 30 minutes of the Black Rock Desert, a must-see spot is Fly Ranch. This is owned through The Burning Man Project. You can sign up for a 3-hour guided tour. This includes hiking to the vibrant Fly Geyser that shoots steaming hot water in the air. After dinner, sit back at your campsite and gaze towards the night sky, which are stunning for stargazing. When you wake up, you can explore the beauty that are the Playa by walking or driving along the bed of the lake. See white sand, high peaks and sand storms in the distant distance. (Important advice: don’t drive over the bed of the lake after it’s rained or snowed. As you’ll be trapped in the mud.) Enjoy dirt bikes, soak your body in hot springs, and top off a day with an incredible sunset.

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