NordVPN is a Lithuanian VPN service provider that aims to develop a gateway to surf the internet securely and privately. While concealing your real IP address, it also works by wrapping every action performed online within the several layers of encryption. Hackers, government agencies, and other parties can not see your activity means you are hidden from them.


By establishing an encrypted subway

between you and your internet destination whether it is a search engine, bank account, video video-sharing website Nord Virtual Private Network protects the data transmission.


Uninterrupted Watching

Watch your favorite shows or sports without slowdown, or interruptions on all devices with unlimited speed and bandwidth.  NordVPN is just one click away, get a plan, pick the best server by signing up, and tap a quick connect button to serve the internet efficiently. With Nord’s VPN threat protection feature enjoy a high level of privacy. Stop malware, ads, and web trackers are the common benefits here.  NordVPN does not store any private information such as used bandwidth, traffic logs, IP address, or browsing data. One account, ten devices. NordVPN works with all operating software and systems and encrypts up to 10 devices with a single login. Configure your router with NordVPN to safeguard the home network, all household devices can be encrypted with 1 subscription plan.


Double VPN

VPN server chaining comes into the picture here now, your online activity is hidden behind 2 servers which means NordVPN provides you double security. It leads to various benefits such as IP protection, Double encryption, and Increased Privacy.  An additional feature provided by NordVPN is a VPN kill switch, which is designed to give another shield to your online activities. If the VPN connection fails, a VPN kill switch will automatically prevent internet access until the connection is established again. To make sure your online data is safe, even when using public Wi-Fi, by connecting to a VPN server and using NordVPN’s state-of-the-art A-256 encryption.