One of the simplest ways to get on the water is via kayaking, and the USA boasts some of the best locations to do it.
Kayaking also gives you the chance to view well-known locations from a unique angle. Any traveler can find a kayaking excursion in the USA that suits them, regardless of experience level. Choose a guided trip or kayak rental, then set out sea kayaking on the wide ocean or paddle in protected areas. Here are just 12 of the many breathtaking locations in the United States where kayaking is permitted, from California to Florida, Colorado to Washington, D.C.kayaking

Lake Desert in Arizona

To explore Lake Powell in northern Arizona and meander through deep slot canyons, including flooded sections of the well-known Antelope Canyon, sign up for a guided kayak excursion. On an overnight kayaking trip, marvel at the enormous sandstone cliffs and camp under the stars.

Kayaking in Florida River Spring-Fed

Kayak on the Rainbow River, which is fed by a first-magnitude spring, in Rainbow Springs State Park, which is 90 minutes north of Tampa, Florida. Pass shorelines dotted with showy shorebirds, swaying turtles, and towering cypress trees as you float by. You’ll think you’re floating in midair since the water, which is a delightful 22 degrees Celsius all year long, is so transparent.kayaking

Kayaking in Colorado Mountain Lake

In the Colorado town of Estes Park, which is close to Rocky Mountain National Park, go paddling on Lake Estes. Witness breathtaking views of the lake’s crystal-clear blue water reflecting snow-capped mountains. Bring your kayak close to the shore so you can have a picnic and take pictures.

California’s Iconic Pacific Coastline

Enjoy vistas of Cannery Row while kayaking in Monterey Bay, south of San Francisco, where novelist John Steinbeck made the area famous. Keep an eye out for the plentiful wildlife, including sea lions, seals, and otters, as well as humpback and other whales that may swim offshore.kayaking

Washington, D.C.’s Urban River.

Kayak down the Potomac River past Theodore Roosevelt Island, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts to see the capital from the water. View the Arlington, Virginia cityscape, the Georgetown waterfront, and the Washington, D.C., skyline.

Puerto Rico has bioluminescent bays.

Paddle through what appears to be amazing bioluminescence at the Laguna Grande in Fajardo, which is close to the island’s easternmost point. When kayaks or paddles stir up microorganisms, the still water glows. Two more bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico that you may kayak on are Mosquito Bay on the neighboring island of Vieques and La Parguera in Lajas on the southwest coast.

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