Letyshops is a cashback service that allows users to earn cashback on their online purchases. Cashback is a form of incentive where a percentage of the purchase amount is returned to the buyer. Letyshops partners with various online stores and earns a commission for referring customers to those stores. They then share a portion of that commission with the users in the form of cashback.letyshops

To use Letyshops, you typically need to

create an account on their website or mobile app. Once you have an account, you can search for your desired online store within the Letyshops platform. If the store is partnered with Letyshops, you can click on the store’s link to be redirected to their website. By making a purchase through this link, Letyshops can track your transaction and provide you with cashback.

After the purchase is confirmed and the store verifies it, the cashback amount will be credited to your Letyshops account. You can then withdraw the cashback to your preferred payment method, such as a bank account or e-wallet, once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.letyshops

It’s important to note that

while Letyshops strives to provide cashback for a wide range of online stores, not all stores may be available on their platform. Additionally, the specific cashback rates and terms may vary depending on the store and the current offers provided by Letyshops.

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