In a small town in Texas, experience something fresh where art is highly appreciated. In order to get inspired & to express themselves creatively, people from all walks of life travel to San Angelo, Texas. Here, you may experience a real working ranch in the morning and then immerse yourself in a world full of art and culture in the late afternoon. You’ll get to know why the Governor just named San Angelo the state’s capital of the visual arts. The downtown area is lined with galleries, that display artwork created by local artists recently. Through magnificent artifacts, museums offer a glimpse into the past. Open-air museums, public art displays, and yearly art competitions: are just a few examples of how San Angelo’s passion for art permeates the streets of the city.texas

A City Filled with Art

Over the past few decades, a trend known as “open-air art” has grown in San Angelo, Texas, bringing art outdoors. And it is increasing accessibility for both locals and as well as tourists. A nonprofit organization known as Art in Unusual Places is leading the charge to expand public art in San Angelo, Texas. It is currently in charge of more than 300 public artworks, that includes two free open-air museums featuring regional artists. Discover Paintbrush Alley in San Angelo downtown, a revitalized corridor. Here more than 50 colorful murals and representations of Texas culture extend around the backs of various buildings.texas

Move on to the Pop Art Museum

when you’re done there. It is located across the street and features over 35 local artists’ vibrantly colored works in the traditional pop art style. Many of the displays have QR codes. Scan these QR codes as you walk by to learn more about the pieces of art and become your own personal docent.texas

Enjoy the amazing and most pleasant weather

by taking a trip along the San Angelo Riverwalk or the Red Arroyo Trail to see mosaics and sculptures. Or you may explore the installations in City Park. And the Concho Community Park for more works commissioned by Art in Uncommon Places.

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