These amazing hikes are just under an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, Nevada and it is a wonderful opportunity to discover the breathtaking scenery around. With the expected desert sands and cacti, hikers will also encounter forest mountains, waterfalls, and exciting formations of rock. All these are day hikes, so you should leave your hotel in the morning and go back before the Strip lights up. Taking up a hike at sunrise or sunset can give you the joy of wonderful experiences.Nevada

National Conservation Area for Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas, Nevada)

A 21-km Scenic Road. It connects to trailheads for different wonderful treks. You can find these in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It is only 35 minutes west of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Petroglyph Wall Trail is an easy out-and-back route that is only 3 km long. It is ideal for families. It runs from the Willow Springs Picnic Area to a cliffside with pictographs and petroglyphs. A 3.5 km, easy out-and-back walk Trail goes to a secret body of water and offers stunning views of Las Vegas, Nevada called the Calico Tanks Trails. Another eye-opening viewpoint is the 6.4 km Las Vegas (Nevada) Overlook Loop, also known as Muffin Ridge. It is a simple loop that provides amazing Strip views and surrounding mountain views also.Nevada

Fire States’ Park Valley

It is located just under an hour northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. It gets its name from outcroppings of red Aztec sandstone juxtaposed against grey and tan limestone. The 2.5 km easy out-and-back Fire Wave Trail is one of the most photogenic areas. It is leading to whirling formations of red sandstone that become more vivid after dusk. Take a hike of 1.8 km around the White Domes Loop to see vibrant formations of rock, eerie tunnels, a slot canyon, and a movie set.

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