We all certainly had some meals that changed the way we previously thought about particular dishes. When it comes to eating. Here, we travel to New Orleans, Louisiana. To learn about the etouffee, po’boys, beignets, and other unique aspects of this city.New Orleans

Now Let’s talk about New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that will always excite you. No matter how many times you have already been there. No other city in all the years we’ve traveled has made such an impression on us as New Orleans. Friendliness of local people, delicious food made with love and tradition. And, of course, one of the most distinctive music scenes you can imagine. Each of these characteristics would be enough to make a great place on its own. But when they all come together. You get New Orleans, which is unique in every aspect.New Orleans

Now Let’s discuss the most delicious food.

We started out using their advice to find a decent mix of classic and “new wave” sandwiches. It which was not difficult. Given we had been instructed by our community to find as many po’boy sandwiches as we could. We were instructed to go to mid of the City and visit the Parkway Bakery & Tavern. An unmistakable stalwart of the New Orleans culinary scene. It has been in business since 1911. For one of the oldest, most traditional, and highly recommended po’boys from our town! For sure, we had to select the Home Cooked Roast Beef with Gravy. It is their hallmark po’boy.

Our big mistake was made just here. The messiest sandwich anyone has ever attempted. To eat was created when we unwrapped the sandwich to take some close-up. And to have some good pictures of the food! But, this only enhanced the experience. As we dug right in and slurped up. Every last bit of the delicious and creamy. Beef stew in true finger-licking style.

It was also advised. That we should visit Killer Poboys in the French Quarter. It extends on the original po’boy idea by using seasonal, local products to produce flavors that were inspired by chefs. It was really fantastic. To have the Dark & Stormy Pork Belly with lime slaw and garlic aioli.

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