Temu is owned and operated by PDD Holdings, a Chinese company with Cayman Island registration, which also owns Pinduoduo, a well-known Chinese e-commerce site. Temu’s platform went live for the first time in the US in September 2022. Temu made its debut in Canada in February 2023. In the same month, the company aired a Super Bowl commercial. In March 2023, Temu.com made its debut in Australia and New Zealand. The following month, Temu.com was launched in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.


Without the requirement for warehouses in the nation of purchase

Temu enables Chinese suppliers to sell and distribute goods directly to customers. Online purchases on Temu.com can be made through a mobile app or a web browser. As of the end of 2022, Temu’s app had the most downloads in the US.


Temu offers free products to some users

who successfully bring on new members using affiliate links, social media, and gamification. It also benefits from online advertising on Facebook and Instagram. According to Sarah Perez’s article for TechCrunch, “These advertisements seem to be increasing Temu‘s installs. However, if you look through the reviews for the app, you’ll notice issues that are comparable to Wish’s, such as fake listings, delayed or damaged delivery, incorrect orders, and a dearth of customer assistance. According to Andrew Chow’s Time story, it is starting to develop a reputation for undelivered goods, unexplained charges, incorrect purchases, and slow customer assistance.

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