What could be more Puerto Rico than rum, besides stunning beaches, lush jungles, and a vibrant island culture? More than 70% of the rum consumed in the continental is produced on the island where it has been distilled since the mid-1600s. A distillery tour offers visitors to Puerto Rico more than just the chance to sample local fare. It also offers a window into the island’s distinct history and culture.puerto rico

Introducing Casa Bacard: A Classic

Take the Acua Expreso ferry from Old San Juan to Catao, where the most famous rum in the world is produced. This famous distillery has a cocktail bar on the water and a variety of tour options. The history tour, which includes a drink in the ticket price, is ideal for casual tourists. Don’t miss the rum tasting tour and the opportunity to taste Bacardi rum mixes, which are only available in Puerto Rico, for rum connoisseurs. On the mixology tour, which will help you improve your bartending abilities, you’ll discover how to produce the ideal mojito, daiquiri, and Cuba libre.Puerto rico

Hacienda Santa Ana’s Ron del Barrilito: Artisan Rum

Since 1880, Ron del Barrilito has been produced using the same family recipe. Due to its peculiar flavour, which comes from being matured in old oak sherry barrels, this special blend is well-liked. In Bayamón, the distillery includes a brand-new visitor centre where you can take tours of the production space. For rum aficionados, Ron del Barrilito is a must-visit craft distillery, an attraction that can only be found in Puerto Rico.Puerto rico

Local Rum Flavours in Puerto Rico

Do you prefer powerful rum beverages and off-the-beaten-path distillery excursions? Pitorro, the Puerto Rican version of moonshine, is produced by PitoRico at Destilera Cruz in the municipality of Jayuya. In the very centre of the island, some two hours from San Juan. Visit the store for a quick tour and a taste of the coconut, passion fruit, tamarind, orange, and classic PitoRico mixes.puerto rico

The Don Q History Museum at Serrallés Castle, Puerto Rico

Don Q, produced in the town of Ponce by the Serrallés family, is probably the most well-known rum in Puerto Rico. The Serrallés Castle Museum in Ponce is close to Puerto Rico’s southern shore. It is a local attraction that should be on every traveller’s itinerary. Even though the distillery isn’t accessible to the general public. The stunning Spanish Revival palace offers the greatest views of the surrounding Caribbean Sea. And the historic city of Ponce. A sample of the renowned Don Q rum is included in the guided tour.

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