For years, visitors from New York City and other parts of the world have been welcomed to Sullivan Catskills. It is tucked inside the scenic Catskill Mountains of New York State. In addition to being a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Sullivan County offers some of the best chances in the Empire State to take in the fall colours, enjoy artisan libations, and eat farm-to-table fare. The Sullivan Catskills offer countless chances for excitement and adventure. As well as a wide range of unexpected cultural attractions. Prepare to be awed by the picturesque landscape, kind warmth, and creative spirit of this area.

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Renowned musical locations in New York

If you’ve heard of Woodstock, a little music event that took place in the summer of 1969, you’ve probably heard of Sullivan Catskills. Yes, Sullivan County hosted the illustrious (and by no means small) Woodstock Music and Arts Fair. At the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, celebrate the artistic and cultural legacy of those three momentous days. In addition to a live music venue, the facility is home to the Woodstock Monument, which is situated on Max Yasgur’s renowned former dairy farm, the real location of the first Woodstock. The Museum at Bethel Woods, a temple to all things Woodstock, also pays homage to the legendary music festival.

Where American dry fly fishing began

In the Sullivan Catskills, you can practise fly-fishing if you’ve ever wanted to. Theodore Gordon, a devoted angler, found that trout in Sullivan County’s Neversink River were drawn to flies that were hovering on or just above the water’s surface in the 1890s. Gordon later rose to prominence as the inventor of dry fly fishing. The Catskills Fly Fishing Center and Museum, whose goal is to safeguard the rich tradition and exquisite fly-fishing methods for future generations, carries on that spirit today.

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Links to New York City’s past

Sullivan Catskills has historical ties to New York City. Due to its vicinity and a long history of visitors from the city. One of these was the Delaware and Hudson Canal. It was essential in establishing a connection between Northeastern Pennsylvania’s coal seams and New York City. Along the trails of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Linear Park and Interpretive Center, discover the canal’s rich history. Visit the historic Lock 50, which marked the beginning of the canal’s initial fall toward the Hudson River, on the route. Can’t get enough of the fascinating history of our area? Through innovative methods. The Time and the Valleys Museum investigates subjects like the water system of New York City and the history of the Rondout and Neversink Valleys.

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Trails to Follow in Whimsy

Along the Dove Trail in the Sullivan Catskills, the Woodstock vibe endures. The trail has 50 painted doves. By local artists scattered across the towns and businesses in the region. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock event in 1969. The numerous establishments along the Pottery Trail and Antiques Trail will not let you down with their expertly made and vintage goods, whether you’re seeking for a one-of-a-kind heirloom or want to take home a piece of local history. The Northeast is renowned for its classic diners as well. Taste your way through some of the best of them on the, you guessed it, Diner Trail after a full day of sightseeing and shopping.

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Historic and opulent lodgings

You already know that there are plenty of historically noteworthy places to visit in the Sullivan Catskills. This is also true of the local hotels. Choose from a number of lodgings offered by Foster Supply Hospitality that pay homage to the region’s history, including The DeBruce and Kenoza Hall. The Eldred Preserve and the lovely, century-old Callicoon Hills are two other well-appointed lodgings with historic accents. Looking for a modern touch? The eating and entertainment possibilities at Resorts World Catskills are essentially limitless. Don’t miss The Kartrite Resort and Indoor Water Park if you’re travelling with children. It is the largest indoor water park in New York State and also functions as a hotel.

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